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Symone Wilson

President | Marketing Director

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Aaron Jacobson

Branding Director | Sound Engineer

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Kelsey Geiger

Artist Manager | Career Strategist

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Who We Are

Based in the coolest city in the country, Minneapolis, Freeze Pop Records is a label operated by and for artists, pushing the boundaries of ice cold pop music well past the freezing point. With meeting and exceeding the demands of the reality of the modern pop scene, Freeze Pop seeks to break the ice and thaw the … okay, enough with the cold-based puns; we’re starting to sound like a certain villain once played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The point is, we are cool, and so are you.


Need a producer, an artist, a mixing engineer, brand development and/or marketing? We’ve got you covered. With proven strategies and a robust team of creative individuals and artists who understand the rigors of being a creative, we know what it takes to find focus and success in the music industry.

Send us a demo - we don’t frost bite (too hard).

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